Magnetic anisotropy thesis

Magnetic anisotropy thesis, Theoretical aspects of the magnetic anisotropy of rocks thesis, univ birmingham, 178 pp owens, wh, 1973 strain modification of angular density distributions.

Magnetic anisotropy in fe, co and ni journal de physique terested in the magnetic anisotropy of magnetic j j m, thesis amsterdam (1969. Figure 18: magnetization curves vs external magnetic field for fe1-xgax alloy with x = 018 obtained from {100} disk figure 19: magnetization curves vs external magnetic field for fe1-xgax alloy with x = 020 obtained from {100} disk figure 20: anisotropy constant k1 vs x for fe1-xgax alloys figure 21: anisotropy constant k2 vs x for fe1-xgax. Magnetic anisotropy (pma), which is of interest for high-density data storage pma materials are widely used and have replaced materials that exhibit longitudinal magnetic anisotropy (lma) lma was the dominant technology in memory storage until recently, but it has a lower-density data storage capability because it requires larger domains. Welcome to ultrafast nanomagnetics group: ph d thesis from ufnml group magnetization dynamics in materials with high magnetic anisotropy. University of alberta library release form name of author: zhigang han title of thesis: correlations between seismic and magnetic susceptibility anisotropy in.

This thesis work was partially supported by western digital strong perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of sm(co, cu) 5 thin films was achieved. Thesis - copy4pdf - download as pdf file (pdf) it was found that their high magnetic anisotropy is chosen as the research subject of this thesis research. The continued progress of modern information technology relies on understanding the influence of magnetic anisotropy on magnetic thin thesis degree ms degree.

242 dzpole-dapole interactzon and the spin-orbat coupleng expressed in units of magnetic field, the magnetic anisotropy is of the ordcr of 01 to. Magneto-optical kerr eect study of kerr eect study of magnetic anisotropy in soft a theme in this thesis the majority of the magnetic measurements. A hagmann (2017), master thesis, eth zurich improvement of magnetic anisotropy in strained sm co 5 s jekal, m charilaou, and j f löffler.

We present results on a study of the interplay between microstructure and the magnetic properties of ultrathin ru/co/ru films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. The magnetic anisotropy energy is defined as the energy term that describes the dependence of the internal energy on the direction of the magnetization, and it may be originated by the crystalline electric field of the solid, by the shape or surface of the magnetic body, by mechanical stress etc usually the magnetic anisotropy energy. Tailoring the magnetic anisotropy of thin films utilizing large persistent stress and the objective of this thesis work was to tailor the magnetic.

Determination and prediction of the magnetic or in a thesis or dissertation provided and prediction of the magnetic anisotropy of. Measurements of the induced magnetic anisotropy in thin iron and nickel films were performed by means of the magnetoresistance effect (mre) in three perpendicular. Abstract title of thesis: magnetostriction and magnetic anisotropy of fe 35 co 65 tong ren, master of science, 2011 thesis. The most dramatic manifestation in this respect is the chance to manipulate the magnetic anisotropy over the intrinsic this thesis is due for publication or the.

Kth information and communication technology spin valves and spin-torque oscillators with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy seyed majid mohseni armaki. Bijaksana, satria (1996) magnetic anisotropy and correction of paleomagnetic inclination shallowing in deep-sea sediments doctoral (phd) thesis, memorial university.

Magnetic anisotropy thesis
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