Anthesis in sorghum

Anthesis in sorghum, Anthesis, pollination, and fertilization in sorghum • by j c stephens, assistant agronomist, division of forage crops and diseases bureau of plant industryy.

Sorghum is mainly cultivated in drier areas, especially on shallow and heavy clay soils the production of sorghum in south africa varies from 100 000 ton (130 00 ha) to 180 000 ton (150 000 ha) per annum the free state and mpumalanga provinces are the largest contributors to the area planted to sorghum and sorghum production. Figure 32 leaf temperature among sorghum groups over time for sorghum 58 figure 33 minimum fluorescence values (fo) values among sorghum groups over the first three weeks after anthesis for sorghum lines 59 figure 34. (figure 4) the sorghum panicle development is complete and primed for flowering, and the plant has attained its maximum leaf area and accumulat-ed approximately 60 percent of its total dry matter severe drought stress at this time can impede pan-icle exertion from the boot and lead to incomplete flowering (anthesis), seed set and loss in grain.

Effect of temperature and relative humidity on sorghum ergot development in northern mexico at anthesis initiation. Morphological development in sorghum grain c w glennie days post-anthesis 7 14 21 28 35 63 the panicles were collected when the kernels in the.

In sorghum, plant available n is important throughout development, particularly anthesis and grain filling, for grain yield and grain protein content nitrate accumulation in leaf.

  • 20 ismn 46, 2005 before anthesis may be related to rapid anther dehiscence a relationship between mean minimum temperatures 5–9 days before anthesis.

Anthesis in sorghum
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